The Marine Education Centre is a free, public resource for marine education. It contains informational exhibits on marine ecosystems, sea turtles, whale sharks, cetaceans, marine pollution and overfishing, as well as interactive games, and informative materials about each of our partnering organisations. Our marine team is made up of marine biologists plus members of the Conservation Education Society, Diani Turtle Watch and Olive Ridley Project.

You can visit the Marine Education Centre any day between 3pm and 5pm. A member of the marine team can be found every day at Riva’s Bar to meet interested guests and conduct a guided tour of the centre and explain our work.

Our aim is to spread awareness of marine conservation, both specific to the local area of Diani, and nonspecific to be utilised anywhere on this planet. We believe everyone can play their part in protecting the world’s oceans and all the life which inhabits them.